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Last updated on 2008-11-15

The physics articles at Super Soaker Central describe what goes on inside a water blaster. Many articles use formulas to relate quantities and calculate values. And some others offer good solutions to many problems with homemade soakers.

If you have any specific physics questions, read our Physics FAQ.

Name Writer Description
Hydraulic pressure multiplication Drenchenator How pressure multiplication using Pascal's Principle works.
Separate chamber design Drenchenator The basics of designing a blaster with a separate pressure chamber.
Pump forces and diameters Drenchenator Considerations concerning pump forces and diameters when designing guns.
Basic equations Drenchenator An outline of some basic equations that describe the physics behind water guns.
APH design tool Drenchenator Calculates pressure after pumps, number of pumps, and force to pump.
Firing valves Drenchenator Overview of commonly used firing valves.
Range Drenchenator Description of current knowledge regarding high-range design.
Water nozzles and efficiency Ben How to make water guns shoot farther with less water output.
Manufacturers' secrets: Pump design Drenchenator Interesting information taken from statistics reported by the manufacturers and measured statistics concerning pump design.
Water nozzle patents Ben A short listing of a few nozzle patents that can improve water gun design.
How water guns work Silence A detailed introduction into how water guns work. This article describes reservoirs, pumps, pressure systems, nozzles, and valves.
CAP physics Drenchenator How CAP (constant air pressure) water guns work.
Parts of a water gun Ben Short article detailing the various internal and external parts and features of a water gun.
Measuring statistics Drenchenator How to measure different statistics used in water guns.
Output with vector fieldsDrenchenatorCalculating output with vector fields.
Patent reference A listing of hundreds of water gun patents.
Separate air chamber equationsDrenchenatorCalculations related to separate chamber air pressure water guns.
Internals explainedDrenchenatorAn explanation of the location and function of various parts inside a water gun.


National Committee for Fluid Mechanics FilmsGreat videos. We recommend the ones titled "Pressure Field and Fluid Acceleration" and "Turbulence" for all homemade water gun builders.
MIT's online fluid mechanics book

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