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APH Design Tool

Written by Drenchenator
Last updated on 2007-07-27

Input Output
Total Chamber Volume mL Water in Pressure Chamber mL
Pump Volume mL Chamber Gauge Pressure psig
Number of Pumps Absolute Maximum Pumps
Pump Diameter inches Force to Pump pounds
Desired Pump Force pounds Maximum Desired Pumps
Desired Output Pump Length inches
Shot Time seconds
Calculate Add Pump Reset

PVC Pipe Size Chart

Size Pipe OD Sch. 40 ID Sch. 80 ID
1/2" .840" .622" .546"
3/4" 1.050" .824" .742"
1" 1.315" 1.049" .957"

Tips and Notes

  • The total pressure chamber volume represents the entire combined volume of every chamber.
  • This tool works for already primed guns; the gun was shot before and not opened and drained after.
  • 3" or 4" PVC offers the most volume per cost.
  • Output is steady flow.

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