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Separate Chamber Design

Written by Drenchenator
Last updated on 2007-10-04

Separate Chamber Design

Many Super Soakers employ a separate pressure chamber. Any shot does not come directly from the reservoir. This design is widely considered the standard design. Each separate chamber blaster uses the same, basic system.

A separate chamber gun must have:

  • Reservoir or Input
  • 2 Check Valves
  • Pump
  • Chamber
  • Firing Valve

When pumping begins, water leaves the reservoir and flows through the first check valve. Once the pump begins to retract, the water instead flows through a second check valve and into the chamber. Each check valve prevents backflow; no water goes back into the reservoir once it leaves and no water goes back in the pump once it leaves. As long as the firing valve is closed, pressure builds, powering the gun.

The correct order from reservoir to firing valve is as follows:

  1. Reservoir or Input
  2. Check Valve
  3. Pump
  4. Check Valve
  5. Chamber
  6. Firing Valve

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