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General FAQ

Last updated on 2010-04-06

Are you affiliated with Hasbro or Buzz Bee Toys?

No, we are not affiliated with any water gun manufacturers. Although we may review and use their products, we do not endorse any brand over another.

Can a backpack gun use water straight from a river?

Yes, provided the backpack tank acts as a reservoir and does not contain pressure. The Power Pak, Big Trouble, and Aqua Pak/Hydra Pak cannot suck water directly from a river because they require a pressurized water source.

Of course, the water blasters with backpack reservoirs can also draw water from other sources, such as pools or buckets. (See below on the use of pool water.)

Can a water balloon explode midair?

Yes, if one pulls on a string or otherwise applies force to the water balloon to rupture the skin. The only way to make a water balloon release its water after a set amount of time is to twist its neck after filling it, letting the neck untwist and open up while in midair.

Can I buy a homemade water gun? Does Super Soaker Central sell homemade water guns?

SSC is not selling any homemades currently. However, you may be able to find people willing to build/sell them in the forums.

Can pool water hurt CPS bladders?

Yes. The latex tubing used in CPS bladders reportedly has only a "fair" reaction to chlorine water, indicating that chlorine water may cause damage. Other chemicals in pool water may damage the CPS bladder as well. We do not recommend using CPS water guns in chlorinated pools. Please check the compatibility of the chemicals in a pool with latex tubing before putting your water gun in the water.

Can someone "snipe" someone with a water gun?

It depends on your standards for "sniping." Some water guns can be used at longer ranges than others, but it is much more difficult to perform covert operations than in real warfare.

It is important to note that the differences in water gun ranges are not significant to truly "snipe". It is possible to ambush and sharpshoot; making short accurate shots at targets within range from a concealed position but this is not sniping in the general sense of the term. However, water balloon launchers have much higher ranges and have been explored for sniping but there are currently many problems to this approach.

Can the CPS 4100 be filled using a quick-fill device?

Yes and no. The CPS 4100, in unaltered form, is a repainted Monster (2001) without a quick-fill port.

However, forum member Timmitop discovered that the 8.5X nozzle can be used as a quick-fill device input. The pull valve in this case acts as a check valve and the gun can be filled through the 8.5X nozzle.

Can the grip of a water gun cause chafing?

Yes, if there are burrs in the plastic, or if the grip comprises natural rubber and the user is latex intolerant.

Can the tank of a Flash Flood cave in with an AquaPak?

Yes. If both the AquaPak and Flash Flood reservoirs are filled, there is no air to refill the Flash Flood reservoir as it drains. Once the AquaPak is empty, the Flash Flood reservoir will begin to collapse in on itself because there is no air to replace the water leaving the reservoir. The simple solution is to remove the AquaPak once it is used up.

Can you attach the 100oz AquaPack to where a 50oz goes?

Yes. You may also construct your own backpack if you want to store even more water.

Can you make a water gun shoot X feet or have a velocity of X feet per second?

Yes, although due to air drag, turbulence, bottlenecking, and other inefficiencies, water guns experience diminishing returns. It is possible to make a water gun shoot at any rate, but the result may be impractical.

Do the new refill caps fit the old soakers?

The new caps do not fit the older blasters. They are larger.

Do walkie-talkies get damaged when wet?

It depends on the model. Most walkie-talkies can withstand light rain but not submergence in water. Protecting the walkie-talkie is the best solution.

Does the Monster's quick-fill device work with other Super Charger water guns?

Yes, it works. The Monster's quick-fill device is exactly the same as the other Super Soaker quick-fill devices aside from some strengthening.

Has anyone been hit by a 100x blast?

Yes. However, it is not a comfortable experience at close range compared to faster, narrower streams. Being hit by a large blast of water feels like a slap. We do not suggest shooting large streams at others.

How accurate are Super Soakers?

Water guns are fairly accurate, but using that accuracy is difficult. Because the streams curve to the ground due to gravity, conventional sights and aiming cannot be used. The most effective method of aiming involves firing a constant stream and directing it to the target.

How can I clean my gun?

Use mild soap and water. Do not use chemicals like alcohol because they may degrade the soaker instead.

How can I keep a water gun in good condition?

Keep the guns indoors, especially during winter. Good storage results in good condition.

How can I refill away from a hose?

Dip the reservoir into a body of water, such as a pool or stream.

How can I remove discoloration?

Discoloration due to sun bleaching cannot be removed. Discoloration from dirt or stains can possibly be removed through thorough cleaning.

How can I tell the difference between the marks?

Read our Marks guide for detailed information about the differences.

How do I change my username?

Send a private message to an administrator at the forums asking for a name change.

How do I make a shield?

Use any board of cardboard, wood, plastic, or metal. Plastic is the cheapest, lightest, most effective, and often the safest. Shields have been made out of Rubbermaid box lids, trash can lids, and other materials.

How do I make body armor?

Several forum members have built body armor out of plastic trash bags. However, the point of water fights is to get wet, so armor is counter-productive. Body armor also slows the user down, but he will not get wet.

How do I submit content?

Email us! If you are a member of the forums, you may also send a private message to staff member.

How long can a pressure chamber stay pressurized?

A pressure chamber can stay pressurized for quite a long time. However, it's best to leave pressure chambers unpressurized. CPS bladders will lose strength if left inflated.

How long does this gun take to pressurize?

The time it takes to pressurize a blaster depends on the volume of the pressure chamber (or maximum volume of water expelled at a time for CPS). Pump volume is also another factor; higher pump volumes may result in stiffer pumps. Larger pressure chambers can store more water and thus shoot more water at a time but also take more time to pump up to full pressure. Lastly, the pressure itself will affect how long it takes to pressurize. Guns with higher pressures have stiffer pumps and some require more pump strokes.

How much does this gun cost?

Check in a brick-and-mortar store or at Amazon if the water gun is still being produced. If it is no longer manufactured, search for it on eBay. You may also check water gun price listing.

How safe are water guns?

Water gunning is extremely safe, as it takes very little energy to change the shape of liquid upon impact. In comparison, every other hobby gun sport except laser tag uses solid projectiles that could cause much more severe damage. Water guns are only dangerous if used irresponsibly, ie. if used as a mêlée weapon.

Water balloons are also as safe as water guns when thrown. However, with water balloon launchers in the mix, players must be very careful since balloons launched at very high speeds at very close range may cause bruising. Lower pressures for launchers or higher firing angles are recommended for safety.

How should I pronounce the names of the water guns?

There is no right way to pronounce the names of most guns. Since many guns' names contain numbers, any pronunciation of the numbers suffice. To see how several forum members pronounce the names of their guns, read this SSCentral forums topic on the subject.

How should I transport water balloons?

Water ballons are fragile. Accordingly, several forums members carry filled water balloons in PVC pipes, tennis ball cans, or Pringles cans. The idea behind these devices is to minimize the chances of breaking the balloons.

Is a soaker better with a backpack or without a backpack?

Whether or not to use backpacks is completely a personal preference. Some people feel that backpacks limit mobility, while others want the extra water backpacks provide. Backpacks' weight distribution is generally better

Is the CPS 2000 legend true?

(To those unaware of the legend, it is said that the CPS 2000 "popped a kid's eye" from a point blank shot, and this is supposedly why the CPS 2000 was discontinued.)

In depth research has not returned a similar story. The power of the CPS 2000 is also insufficient to cause an eye to "pop." The legend is nothing more than an exaggeration of the CPS 2000's power. However, shooting any water gun in the eye can and will cause damage, however, the damage will not be "eye popping."

Is the Splashzooka only a Super-Charger?


Is this soaker still available?

Check our review section or's reviews to see what year the water gun was released in and whether it is still available in stores.

Sometimes, older water guns appear in stores as new old stock. Our forums will have information about those deals.

Discontinued water guns are available through thrift stores, yard sales, and eBay.

May I use a few of your images or articles on my site?

Email us to let us know what you want to use and we'll give you permission to use our images or articles. Websites found using our images or articles without permission will be subject to legal action. Please ask before you use.

Was this gun rereleased?

Check our review for that water gun or our forums to see if a certain gun was rereleased.

What does "the pumps get hard" mean? How do I know when the pressure chamber is full?

Water gun manufacturers added safety valves to prevent over-pressurization, which can damage water guns. The "pressure relief valve" usually can be heard when it kicks in. If that valve is disabled, the pump will become hard to move when the pressure increases. When the pump becomes hard to move, stop pumping. If you pump more than you already have, you can break your water gun by creating a pressure crack.

What extra gear other than a gun should I bring to battle?

For water wars, items like extra water balloons, water refill bottles, towels, and other items will be helpful. In many situations, refill bottles are very helpful especially when the water supplies are limited. Extra straps, clips for sidearms, etc. can also be made and brought to a war.

Many things are useful during, before, and after a good water battle: water bottles for both drinking and filling, pocket knifes for quick repairs, first aid kits for injuries, duct tape for repairs, goggles for eye protection, rope or string to tie things together, and food for consumption.

What is a water gun?

A water gun is a device that shoots water, usually used as a toy by children.

What is the best soaker for river rafting?

Most people use piston water guns such as the Stream Machine in river rafting. However, a lesser known option are gas powered water pumps which are the most powerful water guns available. "Best" is a rather subjective term however and you will see many opinions on the question.

What is the best soaker to target pests?

This depends on the job. If you need to get into a far or high place, water guns with high range (i.e. 40 or more feet) are ideal. If you need to put chemicals in the gun, avoid CPS water guns because many chemicals damage the CPS system (check chemical compatibility). As always, evaluate your needs against what water guns can provide by reading our reviews.

What is the best way to fill a water balloon?

Custom water balloon filling attachments for your hose work extremely well in filling many water balloons in a short amount of time. Water balloons can also be filled from most water blasters but the shape of the nozzle may make filling difficult. However, despite the difficulty of filling balloons in combat, it can take many opponents by surprise.

What is the difference between the CPS 1500 and CPS 1700?

There are differences among the CPS 1500 makes, however, there is no major difference between the CPS 1700 and CPS 1500 aside from the color scheme. Some earlier CPS 1500 makes may have reduced range or pump caps that can not be removed, but that is the only known difference.

What is the difference between tracked and non-tracked pumps?

Tracked pump water guns experience less pump breaks because of the tracking. Non-tracked pumps can bend easier and thus are more prone to snapping. However, non-tracked pumps can be reinforced to be stronger.

What is the optimal nozzle size for my water gun?

Quite frankly, each gun has a difference optimal nozzle size for range. Testing seems to be the only way to properly determine this.

What is the rarest soaker?

The XP 300 has rarely been sighted. Even iSoaker does not have one. No clear photo of it exists on the internet.

What is the relationship between soakers and Nerf?

Super Soaker and Nerf both are brands made by Hasbro. Both are toy guns. There is some overlap in forum membership between the two hobbies, but the two are fundamentally different in the ammunition used. Many people who enjoy water guns also will enjoy Nerf, Paintball, Airsoft, and LazerTag. All "war games" are relatively similar.

What range does a piston gun really get?

The range of a hand powered piston water gun depends completely upon the strength of the user. Some people can achieve very high ranges, while others can not achieve good ranges.

What soakers can fit in someone's pockets?

The Super Soaker XP 215 is very small. It can easily fit inside someone's pockets. It is the smallest air pressure Super Soaker and is substantially more powerful than piston powered blasters and squirt guns close to it's size. There are many other blasters that can be concealed easily which may be newer or larger, such as the Super Soaker Max-D 2000 or Water Warriors Barracuda. Generally, that size provides decent power but the blasters are still small enough to fit in one's pockets. However, capacity is still limited.

When do the new guns come out? What are the new guns?

We do not receive inside information about next year's lineup, however, we do research to figure things out. Typically we will post what we find on our forums. The forums are a good place to find speculation and known information.

Sometimes, however, we do receive inside information, and that information will be available on the website or on the forum. Occasionally we summarize what we know in a big "new lineup" page.

New guns should be available starting in spring, however, some areas are known to get new guns as early as December or January. The availability of water guns depends on the area.

Where can I buy a quick-fill device (QFD)?

The Super Soaker and Speedloader QFDs are no longer available. A homemade option is a possibility, but it only works on Super Soaker water guns. You also often can charge your water gun by sticking the nozzle directly into a hose, so try that first if a quick and dirty solution is adequate.

Where can I buy discontinued guns?

Check thrift stores, yard sales, and eBay.

Where can I buy replacement parts?

Hasbro sells some replacement parts, however, many older parts are no longer available. If a part you need part is no longer available, ask at our forums.

Where can I buy water guns?

Hasbro's Super Soaker has a "where to buy" page. Water Warriors water guns by Buzz Bee Toys can be bought usually where Super Soakers can be, K-mart, and CVS.

Where can I get customer support or contact Hasbro or Buzz Bee Toys?

Do not contact us for customer support or to contact any water gun manufacturer. While our website name is Super Soaker Central, we are not affiliated with any water gun manufacturer. We are not customer service or media people, just simply hobbyists.

You could call Hasbro toll-free at 1-800-327-8264 if you live in the United States. In the UK, call 00800 22427276, in Australia call (02) 9874-0999, and in New Zealand call (09) 915-5200. You also could get support through their website, check their customer service section.

Buzz Bee Toys has a contact page on their website.

Where can I talk to other water warriors around the world?

Super Soaker Central has an online message board to talk to water gun enthusiasts around the world.

Where is the pressure chamber?

Super Soaker Central has a page that shows where each part of a water gun generally is.

Where is the Super Soaker or Water Warriors website?

The Super Soaker website is

The Water Warriors website is

Which gun is the best? Which gun shoots the farthest? Which gun is the best for this year? Which gun should I choose?

"What is the best super soaker ever" is the kind of ambiguous question that you will never get everybody to agree on.

As has been said, the most powerful and farthest shooting one is the CPS 2000 mk.1. However, it's not great in the field because of its low shot time and number of pumps. The CPS 2500 is better in that respect due to its choice of nozzles.

The CPS 3000/3200, on the other hand, having a backpack is very good on water capacity, so they are good if mobility isn't a massive issue.

If you want intimidation, the Monster XL has to be your choice.

For an all-round powerful gun, go for the CPS 1500/1700. Size-to-power ratio is very good.

And if you want an air pressure rifle...go for the XP 150, though the XP 310/Max-D 6000 isn't bad either.

The top end of this year's lineups such as the HydroBlitz and Arctic Blast from Super Soaker and the Orca from Water Warriors are good guns from the current crop.

However, realize that people's opinions will always differ.

Which statistic is the most important during a battle?

Generally, range/distance comes out to be the most valued statistic in water blasters because someone who can soak a target without the target being able to soak them will be at a considerable advantage. Also, in order to have good range, good output is also needed and while the output of a high range nozzle may not be as high as that on a riot blast (a type of nozzle designed to saturate a short range area), it is high enough to soak quickly. Many water blasters have nozzle selectors to switch between higher output and range, or to high output and low range and other nozzle varieties.

Why do they make such weak water guns? Where are the big guns?

The manufactures have drifted from the "big and powerful days" of the late nineties for a variety of reasons. Most of the reasons deal with the retailers and what they want. Retailers can't easily sell expensive toys. Moreover, the big guns take up a lot of shelf space. The retailers thus can't stock as many products. The cost of materials also has risen. Lastly, the audience of water guns has likely become mostly younger kids as of late.

These reasons are not completely solid though. In 2007, Hasbro released the Nerf N-Strike Longshot CS-6. This Nerf gun is over three feet long and costs $29.99 USD. A topic at NerfHaven also revealed that Hasbro is targeting older audiences now because games like Assassins are popular with Nerf guns on college campuses.

However, Hasbro also released the Hydroblitz in 2008, which is generally considered to be an underpowered, oversized, overcomplicated, and overpriced water blaster. It was not successful but the fact that they released it shows that shelf space is a bad explanation for the decline in water blaster quality. Also, new water blasters the size of some smaller blasters on the CPS line have been released recently that are not as powerful as they could be, though these releases are from the Water Warriors brand, not Super Soaker.

In all, they still may make weak and small guns because those maximize their profits, which would also explain why many blasters have been designed to break after little use. However, the whole topic of the change in quality has been of much debate and no one reason is entirely agreed upon.

Why is there a hole in the reservoir cap?

The hole is for ventilation. As water is pumped out, air needs to replace it.

Why water warfare?

Why not? Water warfare is a great alternative to other war games such as Paintball and Airsoft. First, the ammo is free and completely safe, so you can play anywhere at almost any time with most anyone. Second, your range is very limited, and this makes the battles more close-quartered and action-packed because you must be within a short range to hit your target. Third, it's just plain fun! Water wars can be some of the most fun experiences you'll ever have.

Would adding dyes to the water damage a soaker?

This is unknown at this time. The dyes may clog the gun, or in the CPS blasters, may break down the rubber bladder. We have done no testing to determine the effects of dyes in water guns.

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