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Last updated on 2017-05-30

Staff members may be unavailable for an extended period of time, so please be patient if we are slow in responding. We make an effort to respond to all emails. These email addresses are checked on a daily basis as of May 2017.

Individual staff members' email addresses are listed on the Staff bios page.

Some things to know before emailing us

Please read this page before emailing with any specific questions. Our FAQ answers the majority of questions we receive. The old forums also contain many thousands of questions answered and are a good resource to check first, as is, the successor to our forums.

We are not Hasbro (the company behind Super Soaker), Larami, Buzz Bee Toys (the company behind Water Warriors), JAKKS Pacific, or any other water gun company. We are not affiliated with or run by any water gun company.

If you are looking for discontinued water guns, please read this page.

We do not sell water guns, or anything, for that matter. We will not buy your water guns, or anything else you want to sell us. We will not find people interested in buying your water guns. Take these desires to the trading part of

Do not email us about putting ads on our website, or SEO services. We are not interested, and will mark any emails like this as spam. This website does not exist to advertise your product.

If you want the hose filler device for old Super Soakers or Speedloader hose filler device (referred to as QFDs), do not email us. These are not available new and we do not have any to sell. If you post at you might find someone willing to sell you an old one. A homemade version of the Super Soaker version has already been made, but no Speedloader version has been made.

Please take your water gun design or building questions to This does two things: first, it guarantees you a faster response because more people will see the message, and second, it helps other people who have the same question.

Please write a subject when emailing us.

Email only one of the addresses on the next page. Emailing all of them just makes some people get multiple copies of the email.

Generally we do not call or give out our phone numbers. We ask that if possible email is used for communication as this is most convenient to us. Calls for interviews or similar questioning are fine.

We don't care what your age is or your child's age is, so stop telling us. It's not a good idea to reveal personal details on the internet and while we don't bite, this is a good habit.

Do not ask us about referral links. Unless your website has a comparable or greater number of visitors and inbound links, the answer is no.

Do not send us chain emails, mass forwarded emails, invitations to websites, etc. We don't want them and are tired of getting them.

If and only if you have read ALL of the above, click this link to get the email addresses

The answers given above cover over 90% of the emails we receive, yet we still get people asking them. Save yourself and us some time. Read what we have written. With this being said, don't hesitate to email us if your email doesn't fit into the categories mentioned.

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