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Forum rules

Last updated on 2009-06-02

Super Soaker Central is a website with a discussion forum to discuss water wars and water guns. Do not join this message board if water guns and water wars are not why you are here.

Membership implies agreement with our TOS.

Membership at the Super Soaker Central forums is a privilege, not a right. We reserve the right to deny or change service, posts, threads, and/or content to any person at any time without cause or notification.


Failure to comply with the rules can result in removal of the posts and/or the member from our forum.

  • Age is required on the registration page to prevent children younger than the age of 13 from joining. Members less than 13 years old will be banned.
  • Be courteous. Respect others. Argue with the post, not the poster. Debating a topic is fine, but avoid personal attacks.
  • Use understandable spelling and grammar. Spell check is provided.
  • Do not use all caps, AIM-speak, l33t, or other types of word manipulation.
  • Do not post unless you have something to say.
  • Do not spam, troll, flame, or pirate.
  • Do not be more critical of other websites than constructive criticism.
  • Avoid posting twice in a row unless a day has passed between your post and now. Use the edit button.
  • Do not post about using water guns as flamethrowers.
  • Any website or forum making a notable effort to recruit members from our forum will have the associated URL(s) blocked.
  • Respect moderators and administrators. You agree to follow their additions to these rules.

Your account

You are allowed one membership account. Your account is your responsibility. Keep it secure because we cannot always determine whether your account was "hijacked."

  • If you lose your password, use the password recovery feature.
  • If you changed your email address and lost your password, to verify who you are.
  • If you want to change your account's name, ask an administrator.
  • If you can not reset your password, create a new account to verify who you are.


Violation of the rules can result in banning. Incidents are handled individually. Typically if the administration has a problem, we will ask the member in question to change. If no appreciable change is seen soon, a ban from our forum may occur. All bans are final.

How to contact us and report bad posts

You can contact us through email at .

Do not make bad threads worse by posting in them. Report bad posts through the button in the lower left of a post, circled in the image below.

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