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2L Homemade

Written by Ben
Last updated on 2003-11-12

Really ancient article here. Who could imagine a time when this was my best homemade? This can be good fun if you're bored, plus you can turn it into a portable QFD easily (just like most any other soaker with a 3/4" male threaded end). Not very battle worthy, just good for experience.

This is my first homemade that uses air pressure. It's pretty good saying that I made it out of things I found in my house. Before we make it, lets look at some stats on it:

  • Capacity 1.6 Liters
  • Air Pressure: Estimated at 60 PSI
  • Range: 42-45 feet
  • Output: 107 ml per second (~3X)
  • Shot Time: ~15 seconds
  • Nozzle size: Varies. To get the full 40 feet of range, I pulled the handle down only half the way. Pulling it further decreased the range to about 20 feet.
  • Filling method: A garden hose attachment gives it a direct connection to the hose, so no pumping is needed, but you only have one shot per tank.

Now onto the fun part—making it!


  • A 2 Liter Bottle, or similar bottle
  • Some 1/4 inch tubing
  • 2 similar garden hose attachments, one that will screw on the hose and one that will go on a garden hose nozzle
  • A garden hose nozzle, preferably one that has multiple nozzle setting, but a regular one works too
  • A Ball Valve that fits securely on the tubing (not required, but will help)


  1. Gather your materials. I found everything I needed for this in my house, except for the tubing which I bought at Home Depot.
  2. Make a hole in your 2L bottle cap the same size or slightly smaller than your tubing. Make sure your tubing fits nice and snug.
  3. Screw the correct garden hose attachment into your nozzle. Make sure it's tight.
  4. Screw your cap into your 2L bottle tight.
  5. Put the tubing in the hole in the cap.
  6. Screw the correct garden hose attachment onto your hose.
  7. Put the remaining side of the tubing into the nozzle's attachment.

Use and Filling

  1. Take the tubing out of your nozzle.
  2. Insert it into the hose's attachment (See pictures at bottom if you're confused).
  3. Turn the 2L so that the cap is pointing up, and turn on the water. When the water entering the bottle drops to a trickle, either use your ball valve or fold the tubing, and pull the tubing out of the hose. You may get soaked while doing that because the hose was building up pressure.
  4. Put the nozzle on the tubing.
  5. Secure the tubing on the nozzle by holding it in with one hand, or by using your pinky finger(if yours is setup like mine).
  6. Turn the ball valve or unfold the tubing.
  7. Turn the bottle so that the water is on the same side of the 2L as the cap.
  8. Pull the trigger halfway for good range, all the way for maximum soakage or just a bit to get a wide blast.


The 2 liter homemade.

Attached to the hose.

The PC is filling; look at the water!

A full 40 feet of range.

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